PONIES 24-7 Racing Club
a division of PONIES 24-7 INC.

Offering affordable precedent setting ownership participation in both Thoroughbred and Standardbred horses, PONIES 24-7 Racing Club, for many, will be their first introduction to the exciting world of horse racing and its unique lifestyle! An unrivalled racehorse ownership experience never before seen,

PONIES 24-7 Racing Club will boast an inexpensive club-like atmosphere, and great value racing ‘perks’, including potential lifestyle, sporting and racing events, trips, attractive ‘Club Apparel’, social media and other communication vehicles that will keep members in touch with their horses, the horse racing industries, and the ‘Racing Club’ community.

PONIES 24-7 Racing Club is all about the ‘horse racing experience’! Be it a trip to a training facility to watch one of your ‘stable stars’ strut its stuff in the morning, to hopefully standing in the winners circle and savoring victory with other members of our Racing Club, all in all we believe PONIES 24-7 Racing Club will provide thrills and fun for you and your family never before experienced!

By combining both Thoroughbred and Standardbred horses, PONIES 24-7 Racing Club has been designed as we like to call, ‘a spreading the risk’ ownership concept and we believe provides ‘clubmembers an opportunity to enjoy and race higher quality horses.

PONIES 24-7 Racing Club will provide a more sophisticated approach to Thoroughbred and Standardbred racing ownership, and intends to capture the essence, passion and lifestyle of the horse racing experience. Now ownership is not necessarily just reserved for the elite, instead an ownership participation in PONIES 24-7 Racing Club makes becoming a horse owner available to anyone with a moderate amount of capital and an enthusiasm for racing. Thus, if you are interested in participating in an exciting new hobby, like ‘the club’ atmosphere, are passionate about horse racing, or always wanted to be involved in owning horses but didn’t know how, then PONIES 24-7 Racing Club is for you! It will introduce the new and even the experienced owner to a passionate lifestyle, one that promises to provide plenty of fun and excitement.

Watch this space for updates moving forward with PONIES 24-7 Racing Club!

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